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'AMATA' to increase the percentage of foreign shareholding to 49%, for raising more funds and liquidity

08 May 2006 < Back

'Amata' approved the number of shares holding by foreign nationals from the limit of 30% to 49% of the issued and paid up capital to raise more funds and liquidity of Amata stock.

Mrs.Varaporn Vatcharanukroh, Vice President Treasurer of Amata Corporation Public Company Limited announced that the Amata executives' roadshows in many countries in Asia, Europe and USA. recently have made many foreign investors interested in the Amata stock. And many foreign funds have requested Amata to increase the number of shares holding by foreign nationals. Finally Amata Board of Director agree to increase from the limits of 30% to 49% of the issued and paid up capital as Amata could raise more funds from foreign shareholders and more liquidity of Amata stock.

'The Company shares can be transferred freely. The number of share holding by foreign nationals must not exceed 49% of the issued and paid up share capital. The Company preserves the right to refuse the transfer, which will distort the shareholding ratio of the foreign national.' Mrs.Varaporn Said.

The ratio of the Amata share holding by foreign national on April 11, 2006 is 17.10% thru Thai NVDR and 29.81% by 14 foreign national investors. And to increase more confident on the audit, Amata has appointed Ernst & Young Office Limited as the auditors of the company for the year 2006 as they has multinational networks which has been recognized internationally.

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