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Amata holds hand with Malaysian company to invest Bt.100m on high quality waste water treatment plant

14 June 2006 < Back

'Amata' together with 'Ranhill', the famous Malaysian group in waste water treatment industry plan to start using the modern hi-technology SBR (Sequence Biological Reactor) technique in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi in order to serve future investors demand with the investment of Bt.100 million, expected to start the operation in October this year.

Mr.Chuchat Saitin, General Manager of Amata Water Co.,Ltd., one of Amata Corporation Group of Companies announces that Amata has planed to invest on the construction of the SBR waste water treatment plant with Ranhill Group to replace of the old AL (Aerated Lagoon) plant due to the reason of limited space but much higher quality in waste water treatment system under the investment budget of Bt.100 million.

'Cause of the continuous increasing number of the factories in our industrial estate makes Amata to realize that we have to concern much on our utilities and facilities to be able to serve perfectly to our clients. Though we already have high quality system to manage with water resource, waste water treatment and water supply to deal with any critical such as flood, drought in the past.'

With the SBR by Ranhill Group to replace of plant 1, it will have the waste water treatment capacity of 16,000 m3 per day whereas the AL old plant has only 11.000 m3 per day. Therefore after completing the construction of new plant 1 in October of this year, including with the existing plant 2 of another capacity of 5,000 m3, both plants will be able to treat 21,000 m3 per day which can service to over 400 factories in Amata Nakorn.

There are many adventages to use the new SBR with plant 1 which are, (1) using few space about 3 rai only comparing to 20 rai of the AL type (2) saving more electricity (3) able to control the quality of water after treating to be standard before discharging and (4) being more efficient than AL system.

At present the average rate of the waste water from every factories in Amata Nakorn which has been released to both treatment plants is at 15,000 m3 per day. Plant 1 is responsible for the industrial zone of phase 1,2,3 and 5 with the capacity of 11,000 m3 and plant 2 is responsible for the industrial zone of phase 4,6,7 and 8 with the capacity of 5,000 m3.

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