Shareholders' Meeting
Year 2022 Download
Annual General Meeting
The Minutes of General Meeting of Shareholders 2022 English Thai
Notice to the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders Amata Corporation Public Company Limited English Thai
Annual Report for the year 2021 (56-1 One Report) English Thai
Curricula Vitae of the Nominated Persons to be Directors in Replacement of those who are Retired by Rotation English Thai
Company’s Articles of Association relating to the General Meeting of Shareholders English Thai
Rules and Documents Required for Electronic Meeting of Shareholders (E-AGM) Proxy Granting, E-AGM Registration, and Voting English Thai
Acceptance Form for Attending the Meeting via Electronic Media English Thai
Names of Independent Directors that shareholders can grant proxy English Thai
Proxy Form
Form A English Thai
Form B English Thai
Form C English Thai
Form for requesting a hard copy of Meeting Invitation for 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Annual Report 2021 (56-1 One Report) English Thai