SET Announcements
25 Feb 2021
Financial Statement Yearly 2020 (Audited)
19 Feb 2021
Update the progress on the establishment of joint-venture company between Amata Corporation PCL and Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Ltd for Amata Taipei Smart City Project
12 Jan 2021
Report of the Utilization of Capital Increase from Rights Offering
13 Nov 2020
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 3 Ending 30 Sep 2020
13 Nov 2020
Financial Performance Quarter 3 (F45) (Reviewed)
13 Nov 2020
Financial Statement Quarter 3/2020 (Reviewed)
26 Oct 2020
Notification of the Company's shareholding structure
22 Oct 2020
New shares of AMATA to be traded on October 26, 2020
20 Oct 2020
Report on the results of sale of common shares offered to existing common shareholders (F53-5)
20 Oct 2020
Notification on the Registration of the Change in Paid-up Capital
01 Oct 2020
Invitation for Shareholders to Propose Meeting Agenda and Nominate Director in Advance for the 2021 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting
01 Oct 2020
Issuance of Debentures
28 Sep 2020
Publication of the Notification of the Allocation of Newly Issued Ordinary Shares of Amata Corporation Public Company Limited on its website
18 Sep 2020
Uploading of the Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2020 on the Company's website
17 Sep 2020
Announcement of the Offering Price of the Ordinary Shares (Right Offering) and other related matters (Addition No. 2)